The Lake Wales Museum

a goldmine of information about the land we live upon.

Posted by Curtis Coddington on September 30th, 2017

We've been working to gain exposure and help out some other local businesses at the same time. This is what led us to contact the The Lake Wales Museum where we all agreed that this would be a really cool project to showcase our work and theirs.

The Museum hosted a Monster's Ball around Halloween so we decided to take our kids for some family fun. The Museum did a great job offering kid friendly arts & crafts, pumpkin painting, spooky stories, and even...a zombie infested “haunted house,” gulp. My wife chickened out.

This next portion was shot back in September. The history of Lake Wales is fascinating and the 360 tour brought it out in a new and interactive manner. All the added tid bits of information you can click on bring the stories and history out of the photos.

Overall, this is a great piece of local history that you and your family should definitely check out. We're looking forward to more projects and tours to help other businesses grow!

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Photographs by Round View Tours.

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