My Street View Favorites

the road to becoming a trusted photographer

Posted by Curtis Coddington on September 10th, 2017

Chimney Rock, NC

It was a sketchy drive up a narrow mountain, what seemed like four million stairs, and my crying wife. Good times as Chimney Rock!

St. Augustine Lighthouse

Even more stairs and tears. This time you wind up the lighthouse to a balcony with views of the ocean and city of St. Augustine. This place is cool, despite the humidity.

St. Augustine Fort

Here's a shot of one of the canons I took while working on new angles with the 360 camera. Did I mention we saw a guy proposing to his lady here? That's history in the making.

Flagler College

This succession of photos was taken to test our tour making software. Who knew I'd go to college for photography? Get it, get it?

Bok Tower Gardens

Here's me on a hike with my daughter where we were working on camouflaging ourselves while we snap a photo. This was before I fully edited and removed myself and the camera stick.